More than ever, program completion is critical for students.

The pandemic has created upheaval in the job market and put new pressures on students. Students are leaving college in droves. They are navigating uncharted waters.

How do we help students cope with stress and financial woes?

Community colleges are called upon to reassure students, effectively educate them on college resources (counseling, financial aid, daycare, food pantries and more), and give practical answers. For those leaving a high-priced four-year institution, they need to be aware that they can continue their education at community college and save money. There is still a wide lack of knowledge of the benefits and financial aid programs available to assist with community college.

This information can be decisive. It can increase enrollment. It will help students meet the growing challenge of gaining technical and academic credentials. It will also win workers looking to re-skill and find better career options in a troubled economy.

To assist community colleges in reaching out to those students leaving four-year institutions, potential drop-outs within associate programs, and workers considering retraining, Aperture Content Marketing has a content marketing program to answer the questions they are asking.

We can assist your marketing department to showcase your school’s available resources. It is worthwhile to point out the lifelong costs of abandoning higher education, while emphasizing the exciting job-ready training available at your community college.

Help students surmount the obstacles by providing information on wage data, costs, and specific job pathways in an attractive package across various channels with our content marketing approach.