Print and digital marketing strategies aren’t mutually exclusive.

Our multi-channel content marketing approach isn’t limited to digital media, nor are our services a hold-over from a bygone era. While digital strategies allow for precise analytics and tracking, this data does not discount the value of print. Indeed, print can often be a more effective means of reaching an audience than digital, especially if that audience has limited Internet access.

The best channel depends on the audience. But choosing one channel doesn’t mean abandoning the others. By using every avenue available, organizations can be sure to reach the widest possible audience for their content.

Dismantling the Obstacle Course: How Community Colleges Can Use Content Marketing to Help Students Negotiate Enrollment Barriers

Why content sharing works.

The success of our marketing approach also lies in the unique position our clients hold in the market place. Most content marketing relies on generating custom content that helps business differentiate themselves from their competition. This content can be remarkably successful, but it requires energy and resources that many organizations don’t have.

However, we began our business working with community colleges. Unlike four-year universities, which must compete for students, most community colleges serve a regional demographic. Their challenge lies not in convincing students to attend their college rather than another, but in convincing them to attend at all.

Given the obstacles community colleges face in raising attendance, it became clear to us that a unified strategy would have more effect than a competitive one. By sharing content, community colleges don’t just split the cost of creating articles, they also send a clear message to prospective students.

Community colleges aren’t the only organizations that can work together in this way. Any organization that has more to gain from raising public awareness and shifting perception can benefit from a shared content strategy. We’ve seen it work with community colleges; it can work for your business as well.

Our strategy has a twenty-year history of success.

Aperture Content Marketing is a new brand with an old history. Beginning as the CareerFocus Consortium in 1998, a direct mail magazine designed especially for community colleges, our services have broadened to encompass more content delivery methods and more potential audiences.

The results we’ve seen in community colleges has been tremendous. We’ve seen enrollment rates rise, foundering programs gain new life, and communities grow in appreciation for their colleges as a result of our services.

By providing our clients with thoughtful, well researched content, we bring important details into focus and allow distractions to fade into the background. Read about our campaigns to learn more about how our platform can help your organization grow.

From print to social media, now you can quickly assemble high-quality, customizable content marketing programs to promote your institution through whatever channels best suit your needs.