In the era of digital dominance, print media still delivers exceptional results.

Print magazines are undeniably satisfying, both to hold and to read. So it should come as no surprise that their natural aesthetic appeal has a direct correlation to their durability as an effective marketing strategy. Print materials carry extra credibility, and print has greater staying power, in that a person may encounter it repeatedly as they carry in the mail, leave it on the kitchen counter, or discover it in a stack of papers. Print works. So what better way to market your community college than through a dedicated magazine, full of articles that can educate prospective students on your institution’s programs and resources?

A print mail campaign, delivered to our service area, in six weeks.

The biggest drawback of launching a print mail campaign for many community colleges is the time. Their marketing departments are small, and it can take some of them half a year to create the content for a full magazine—and that’s before design and distribution. Our team has streamlined this process so that we can deliver a full direct mail campaign in six weeks.


Once you settle on the articles and images you want to feature in your campaign, that material still needs to be laid out in a print-friendly format. Our designers have years of experience with print media and will handle the process from start to finish.


Just because your marketing magazine is going out by print mail doesn’t mean you can’t target your campaign. We can select households based on demographic data so that your magazine is most likely to end up in the hands of those who need it most.


Mailing your magazine is a job in itself—one that few marketing departments have the bandwidth to handle. We will manage the logistics of coordinating with the print vendor and the post office so that you can rest assured your campaign will go out on time.

Why choose between either/or when you can have both/and?

There’s no conflict between traditional media marketing methods, such as print mail, and the new digital standard. In fact, they can work in conjunction with each other, when a learner can easily access the same information they found in a print magazine in an online microsite—or when the article they read is reenforced by a social media post. That’s the beauty of multichannel marketing.