Community colleges help students get ahead.

CareerFocus shows them how. With content drawn from a digital library that includes hundreds of articles, it has never been easier for community colleges to share with their students the information they need to make decisions about their future.

Across the country, community colleges use our services to spread their message and increase interest in career-oriented education. Learn how our services can help your college connect.


With the rising cost of college education, more and more students are looking for options that allow them to graduate with less debt and greater employment opportunities. CareerFocus Magazine provides them with fact-based articles about their employment prospects so that they can make well-informed plans for their future.

Dismantling the Obstacle Course: How Community Colleges Can Use Content Marketing to Help Students Negotiate Enrollment Barriers

What is CareerFocus?

Careerfocus is a time-tested product that specializes in promoting careers. With our proprietary CampaignBuilder software and Online Content Library of exclusive articles, managing the content of your campaign is convenient and intuitive. Our multi-platform content marketing initiative is comprised of three primary content channels:

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With nearly twenty years of experience helping community colleges market their programs, we’ve witnessed the effect our content has on enrollment rates. Community colleges have seen interest in their courses rise, resulting in rejuvenated programs and a greater appreciation of the role community colleges play in building a strong work force.

CareerFocus is the multi-channel content marketing approach you need to spread your message.

Multi-channel content marketing serves a dual purpose for organizations: to reach audiences via whichever channels they may use, and then to reinforce brand presence by distributing content across these many platforms. A student who first reads about CareerFocus Magazine in print can later learn more details from the Internet. Wherever your students search for information, that’s where your marketing content should be.

Educate and inspire students to achieve greater success in their careers.

Students want to make the best educational decisions for their future, but many feel forced down one of two paths: either directly into an expensive, four-year university, or straight into the work force. CareerFocus shows students a third option. Through these multi-channel campaigns, your prospective students can:

  • Learn about new career opportunities in emerging fields.
  • Read success stories from other students.
  • Make informed decisions about their education.
  • Gain a new perspective on the opportunities provided by their community college.

Community colleges across the country have used our services to build enrollment.

Community colleges provide an irreplaceable benefit to their communities as one of the primary options students turn to for practical, career-focused education.

However, many community colleges struggle to spread their message. That’s where we come in.

Through targeted, multi-channel content marketing, we deliver high-quality articles to prospective students so that they have the information they need to make confident decisions about their future. Our services have a proven success rate, with many colleges relying on us as their primary marketing campaign.

We know that content is the key to your marketing success. Let us help you achieve it.


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