Career information is more important now than ever.

Historically, community colleges have experienced a surge in enrollment during times of economic downturn and recession. But the unprecedented numbers amid the pandemic paint a serious picture.

The overall loss of student enrollment at community colleges nationally since 2020 has reached 827,000, or a decline of 7.8 percent over last spring’s decrease of 351,000, according to a spring 2022 study from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. “Among popular majors at two-year colleges, skilled trades program enrollment increased, including gains in mechanic and repair technologies (+11.5%, 9,950 students), personal and culinary services (+12.7%, 6,170 students), construction trades (+19.3%, 11,140 students), and precision and production (+16.7%, 7,740 students). However, despite those increases, it was only construction majors where the growth was sufficient to yield a return to pre-pandemic levels of enrollment,” Forbes wrote on the study.

Marketing has never been so critical to the survival of community colleges as it is today

While a recession is on everyone’s mind, it is our responsibility to show our communities and prospective students that they can begin to prepare now, by enrolling at their local community college.

Showcase the partnerships that your college has with local businesses, the stable and high-paying career options available to them, and dig into the tuition assistance programs that are now offered in most states. Marketers will find that many who qualify don’t know it. Others are unaware that such programs even exist.

Aperture Content Marketing has created content on recession-proof career paths that is fully customizable to convey the jobs needed in your local economy. We can help you identity and target the demographics and programs where you want to increase enrollment, and create a strategic plan that fits your budget to reach these potential students today.

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