The brand new Michigan Achievement Scholarship can provide thousands of dollars per year to graduating seniors in the class of 2023. This opportunity, available to all students with EFCs of $25,000 or less, can open the doors to free community college for many Michiganders. Schools which provide easy enrollment information, detailed career pathways, and assistance with FAFSA will be in the best position to boost enrollment. The key is providing clear information as students plan their futures.

Michigan is providing new opportunities for returning or older prospective students as well. Michigan Reconnect is already increasing community college enrollment in the large non-traditional population. Many in this demographic have been part of the “Great Resignation” and are looking for a new career. Some previously stalled in their quest for an associate degree or never considered higher education. The new state-funded grant program is here to help–but more can be done to get the word out.

The fact is that there is enormous potential for enrollment in community college across all demographics.

Michigan scholarships help community colleges help students

With so many Michigan residents residing in “economic limbo”–often over-qualified for high school-level jobs but without a credential–and community colleges under pressure due to declining enrollment, these scholarship programs come at a critical time. There is turmoil in the job market and many workers are looking to reboot their futures. Michigan community college marketers can play a decisive role in winning new students, helping them enroll or re-enroll with state funding, and launching a new career.

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Aperture Content Marketing is providing a content marketing toolkit. It is specifically designed for Michigan community colleges to increase enrollment promoting state-funding scholarship programs and career education.

How does the Aperture program work? 

The key is informative, attractive content. Aperture’s content is current, relevant to this demographic, and career-focused. We have considered potential students who may not have thought they could attend community college. We developed specific content to move your audience through the stages of becoming aware of your school’s opportunities, answering their questions and doubts, and finally, making the decision to attend. To help grow enrollment, our materials include a suite of articles, a microsite, infographics, images, social media posts, and custom printed material.

We deliver your content across multiple channels. Aperture has social media specialists who will design posts, run ads, and provide you with a college-branded microsite. Your microsite can feature Michigan Reconnect, your career programs, and other hot topics of your choice. This content is aggregated in one location to assist your potential students and streamline the work of your marketing team.

Meet your audience where they are–in their homes. Work with our team to target the over-25 demographic in your service area. Highlight the jobs and skills needed by area employers. Aperture can assist your team in crafting a custom print solution based on your school’s unique audience and budget.

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